Hey y’all,

I am Bradford Fults, a thinker, leader, and friend living deep in the heart of Texas, in the city of Austin. I enjoy reading, watching movies, looking at houses, eating tacos, and drinking whiskey and red wine.

I live my life and choose my actions according to principles of my own assembly. Many people derive their principles from religion or social institutions, or they live in a more reactive manner, focused on immediacy instead of tying their actions into an overall framework. I find that my principles work well for me, and am always delighted to find those who are also attempting to live by thoughtful principles of their own.

Bradford’s Principles


As a first principle, quality guides me toward performing the best version of every role I fill. Whether in work, relationships, recreation, or charity, I aim to pursue them with as much quality as possible. Not because of any particular desired end result, but because I value quality in the process itself—quality as a craft, a practice, and a discipline. I should always be improving how I think and how I act.


A principle to remind me that everything is affected by the relative distribution of power, and that how we as people use that power is important. From the beginning of civilization there have been only a few who hold power in most any given group of people. I believe it is my duty to embrace and extend liberty to as many people as possible, evening out the power distribution.


Forming the background for everything else, perspective reminds me that every single person has a unique perspective, made up of their own experiences, and possibly principles. I’ll never have the full picture of any situation, and I should listen, think and act with the care and knowledge that come from being one part of a greater whole.


I write about being a manager, an organizational leader, a software engineer and many things between.

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I write about being an eccentric and thoughtful citizen, living and opining in my own particular ways.

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