We all live complex and multi-faceted lives. Many professionals maintain a strict separation of their personal lives from their professional ones, and there are many good reasons for that. I take a slightly more integrated approach, offering myself as a whole to anyone who cares to dive a little deeper.

As part of revealing more of my personal life, I aim to show the consistency of my attempts to live a thoughtful and principled life in every aspect. I also expect more maturity, thoughtfulness, and respect for social boundaries from my readers. I am interested to discuss and learn from more perspectives about the topics on which I write, but I also expect that anyone with discomfort or differences of opinion can adequately observe boundaries that enable us to interact on whatever level we have chosen.

Accordingly, you will find the following notice on personal pages if you are new to the section:

I’m open to thoughts and feedback on what I write, but I also don’t need to agree with everyone on every topic. I respect everyone who tries earnestly to articulate their position on social and societal topics. Thank you for your respect in return.